Wm. Turnbull Art -Perceptions of Reality

From the whimsical to the familiar, Bill's unique art is the true reflection of what's possible when one opens his heart and simply trusts in his natural artistic talents to permit the free flow of his creativity to take shape on his canvas.

There's little room for error once Bill picks up his pen and puts it to paper. There are no erasers or cover-ups - there's no "photo shop" or "air brush". The pen and paper are his tools, but what turns up on paper is more than black & white!

It's a balance of opposing but complimentary energies that invite you to explore the concept of yin & yang with a new perspective.

The contemporary 3-Dimensional concepts that emerge on a 2-Dimensional plane are Bill's intriguing invitations for you to explore your own perceptions of reality. Here the experience of his incredible art is truly in the "eye" of the beholder - a journey into your own imagination.

But Bill is equally comfortable connecting with the familiar as seen in his interpretations of the natural world of animals & flowers.

There are many options for enjoying Bill's art - from original drawings to unique reproduction prints on paper & now proudly being offered on exclusive custom fabrics. Please - visit Bill's online gallery and see for yourself..

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