About the Artist

A native of Toronto, William (Bill) G. Turnbull grew up in Swansea, a historic suburb of Toronto. Now residing in Lagoon City, his artistic abilities were recognized early by his teachers at Swansea Public School and it was a natural progression that he received his art training at Ontario College of Art (OCA) where he majored in graphic design. His impressive career in the corporate world began as a package designer at Eaton's of Canada and moved through various management positions such as Art Director For Cape & Company; Byrant Press; MacMillan Book Publishing; and ultimately Partner at the prestigious Tisdall Clark & Partners Public Relations Ltd., where he headed up the graphics and advertising division. His artistic signature has been visible on many corporate logos and reports; Seneca College; Cadilla Fairview; Corby's Distilleries; St. Lawrence Cement; to name just a few of many.

Since 1988, Bill has been the creative hand behind the design, drawings, and renderings for Turnbull Interiors of Distinction Inc., an interior design and decorating business in which he partners with his wife, Irene Turnbull. In addition to client drawings and furniture design, he has used his artistic skills to produce custom wall art and murals for Turnbull projects.

Since his youthful days at OCA Bill has displayed a unique of art which embraces his steady hand and free expression of thought. Now in his seventies, Bill has discovered that his best art is still emerging.

The Delicate Balance of Life Reflected in Bill's Art

The wisdom of Lao-tzu as recorded in the Tao-te Ching circa 600 BC teaches that all life, while intricately connected, is actually experienced in terms of delicate balance between opposing, yet complementary energies, known as "yin & yang." The Tao embraces the concept of wholeness through the harmonizing of these two forces. Today, we would describe the degree of extremity between the outer edges of the two opposites as contrast.

It is precisely his ability to preserve and project this delicate balance of opposites, with the fluidity of shape and creative use of black and white, that consistently results in the Tao nature and each of Bill Turnbull's unique artistic creations.